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What many fail to realize is that experience in basketball uniquely prepares you for the challenges of accumulating wealth and being successful off the court, too—for life. Learn how to play the game of using a basketball career to help fuel wealth creation.

Our closest relationships can be a key part of the wealth building playbook for basketball professionals. As a player or coach, you are in a position to “create your own shot” through strategic networking that can create championship wealth.

A great basketball team can be compared to a great investment portfolio. Basketball principles are easily applied to wealth creation strategies. Learn how building a basketball team and investment portfolio are not so different.

NBA players know their game on the court. Coaches know their style of coaching. Why not discover “your game” as a wealth creator? Brandon will help you discover how you are uniquely positioned to add value as you strive toward building wealth.

What does it take for professional athletes to really win with money? Basketball principles and analogies can be used to explain financial strategies. However you must have a playbook that is current, not from 20 years ago.

More and more professional athletes are getting involved in the world of business. Yet, I have found that the best at wealth creation think of themselves as a business. Not as a businessman (or women) but a BUSINESS.

We have seen the statistics. Far too many NBA players lose their wealth shortly after retirement. Most financial professionals fail to understand why, and fail to provide strategies to help avoid this.

Brandon Fink is re-imagining the creation and management of wealth for the professional basketball world. With his unique insights into basketball and wealth management, he realized financial guidance needed to be improved upon for professional athletes and coaches.