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Reimagining Wealth Management
for the Basketball World


My name is Brandon Fink.
I love the game of basketball.
And I love the game of wealth creation.
I have combined these two passions into a system designed to preserve and grow assets.

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My Mission

With my unique insights into basketball and wealth management, I realized financial guidance needed to be improved upon for the basketball world. My mission is to provide financial guidance catered to the unique challenges and opportunities of players and coaches.

What many fail to realize is that experience in basketball uniquely prepares for the challenges of accumulating wealth and being successful off the court, too—for life. I know how to play the game of using a basketball career to help fuel wealth creation.

Together, we can use our talents—yours and mine—toward mastering the world of money, for you, your family and your community.

Brandon Fink, CFP® Financial Advisor

Senior VP, Claro Advisors, LLC


It’s a whole new playbook

with Brandon as your coach through the financial world.


Why do professional athletes so frequently go broke in retirement? Particularly for the NBA, socioeconomic disadvantages and belief systems around wealth creation are challenges we must address.
You are MORE than an athlete. You are MORE than a coach. Watch how thinking of yourself as a business can lead toward winning wealth.
Failing to see examples of wealth creation as a child can be impactful. We can overcome this through the concept of “creating your own shot”

Learn winning financial management strategies from the world of basketball.

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